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Project Management Centre of Excellence

Proven methodologies and a team of experts who know how to implement EDT SaaS across the enterprise, tailored to client needs.

Experts + Proven Methodologies = Excellence.

While EDT is a SaaS offering, it is an enterprise-wide solution so each deployment is specifically designed to suit a client's unique requirements. 
The EDT Project Management Centre of Excellence (PMCE) comprises a team of highly credentialed experts with proven capabilities delivering the EDT SaaS solution for government agencies and regulators. 
EDT implementation specialists have developed, and continue to iteratively refine, a project management framework for large, enterprise-wide, public sector deployments. The framework incorporates tools and processes to ensure successful migration from legacy platforms, integration with third-party systems, workflow analysis and re-design, and effective change management and knowledge share. 
These proven methodologies and templates underpin EDT's robust implementation approach that ensures risk mitigation and optimal return on investment.

Key artefacts include:

  • Implementation planning documents.
  • Solution design documents.
  • Risk management framework.
  • Project reporting templates.
  • Governance frameworks.
  • Knowledge transfer tools.
  • Privacy impact assessments.
  • Process analysis tools and methods. 
  • Knowledge transfer artefacts.
  • Quality assurance documentation.
  • Security management plans.
  • Business continuity & disaster recovery plans.
  • Change management and escalation protocols.
  • A robust service delivery model. 
  • Benchmarking and KPI measurement frameworks.

The EDT Project Management Centre of Excellence team has industry accreditations and extensive experience delivering large-scale software deployments, with proven capability in the government sector.

This team has successfully deployed the EDS SaaS solution for international regulators and justice agencies in relation to many multi-year engagements.

“The EDT Project Management Center of Excellence leverages our proven expertise and track record in implementing EDT as a solution for public sector clients. This enables us to deliver best practice deployments and to continually refine our methodologies, templates and expertise to the benefit of our clients."


Phil Drew, Director PMCE, EDT.


EDT Academy

The EDT Academy is EDT's knowledge share and training facility designed exclusively for the EDT client community.
The Academy supports clients to become confident, and competent users while enhancing performance in their roles. We are committed to facilitating an environment of continuous, interactive and progressive learning.

The EDT Academy gives clients exclusive access to

  • A 24/7 online knowledge center.

  • User training resources including updated features as they are released.

  • Regular webinars and collaborative workshops with EDT's team of experts.

"The program is designed to help our clients develop insight into the full feature set of the EDT platform, to equip them to leverage its capabilities in their day to day jobs by providing practical step-by-step training in real world scenarios. It also provides our clients with an industry recognised qualification to augment their professional credentials."

A22_6276-Mark Giles-BW
Mark Giles, Academy Director, EDT.