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Proven platform for investigations, litigation, and hearings


Evidence management software as a service for regulators and justice agencies

EDT supports the entire digital evidence lifecycle for regulatory and law enforcement investigations. Our technology integrates case management, trial preparation, and electronic hearing features with traditional eDiscovery work practices such as data processing, analytics, review, and production.
Our SaaS platform is perfectly suited to regulators and justice agencies. It delivers all the features you need to run every case end to end, from a single repository, without needing to move data between applications or cloud platforms.
We streamline your workflows with integrated machine learning models and natural language processing algorithms.
You can deploy EDT in a dedicated, single-tenant environment in any international Amazon Web Services region, increasing efficiency and reducing complexity and risk.

Distinctive. Nimble. Authentic. Zebra?

Find out about EDT’s vision, values, and journey – and what zebras have to do with them.

Software as a service

We design the architecture for each EDT SaaS solution collaboratively to ensure it meets your requirements. You can deploy EDT in any AWS region that addresses your data protection, sovereignty, and compliance needs.
This approach combines all the turnkey benefits of SaaS with a dedicated, single-tenancy environment that can accommodate your usage and storage fluctuations and unique needs.

Proven across the digital evidence lifecycle


Import and prepare

Rapidly process hundreds of file types and large volumes of data. Identify duplicates, email threads, similar documents, system files, and concepts.



Use AI-powered analytics to gain insights into evidence, test keywords, explore concepts and correspondence patterns, assess proportionality, and cull data before review.



Review documents to assign relevance, privilege, and issue labels, streamlined by machine learning technologies that learn from your decisions as you go.



Export documents and metadata in industry standard load file formats with TIFF or PDF images, page numbers, redactions, and classifications.



Prepare for trial and present documents in hearings and courts.

Maximise your value 

Our expert training and implementation services help you make the most of our technology.

Maximise your value 

Our expert training and implementation services help you make the most of our technology.

Evidence management for regulators and justice agencies