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Evidence & Case Management 

for regulators and justice agencies.  


Full life-cycle support for litigation, investigations, and hearings.

EDT integrates the case management functions that regulators and prosecutors need, alongside traditional e-discovery and disclosure workflows such as data processing, analysis, review, production, and presentation in court.

It delivers all the features clients need to run every case, end-to-end, from a single repository, without any data movements, delivering increased efficiency and reducing complexity and risk.


Import large volumes of data.

1000+ file types supported
  • Extract metadata and full-text 
  • Including: Lotus Notes, forensic images, EDB, PDF portfolios, etc.
  • Import all kinds of load files. Including; Summation, Relativity, Concordance, Ringtail, Excel, CSV.

  • mobile phone data
  • social media and instant chat data.

  • Analyse data, during import  – no need to wait for processing to finish.
  • Rapid, intuitive delimiting of scanned paper documents. 
Intelligent Processing
  • Integrated OCR.
  • Crack passwords for protected files.

  • Extract embedded files and maintain container relationships.

  • Powerful duplicate detection options.

  • Preserve email family relationships.

  • Detect data deleted from email boxes.

  • Extract geo-location metadata. 

  • Identify concepts and text patterns.

  • Suppress noise such as system files, spam, logo files & email footers. 

  • AI powered Image analysis  

Easy, browser-based imports
  • Intuitive web browser interface.

  • More secure as no 'back end' access is needed to import or process data. 

  • Quickly load data into multiple cases concurrently.

  • Capture configuration in templates for easy re-use and consistency.

  • Easy end-user uploads of single documents e.g. last-minute submissions on the day of trial. 
  • Automate data ingestion workflows via EDT's API framework. 


Investigate and visualise data to develop the create the case narrative.

Perform analysis using:
  • 'Find Similar' features

  • Concept clusters

  • Customisable keyword lists

  • Correspondence analysis charts

  • Email threading visuals

  • Domain analysis

  • Key person name normalisation

  • Cull irrelevant data or prioritise documents for review.

  • View document contents during anaysis, before committing to cull.

  • Suppress irrelevant files like logos and signature files

  • Detect languages


Evaluate and classify evidence to support the case narrative.

  • Intuitive, powerful, browser-based searching using keywords, metadata and filters.

  • Search for Regular Expressions (Regex). 

  • Search across multiple cases concurrently.

  • 'Auto-Redact' search terms across an entire case automatically e.g., Personally Identifiable Information (PII).

  • Turbo-charge keyword searches with re-usable, theme-based 'Lists'. 

  • Review and redact near-native files using in-built HTML5 Viewer.

  • All files, even Excel, can be redacted without conversion to image format.

  • Customize screen layout and content to accommodate different users.

  • Leverage the power of AI via Continuous Active Learning workflow.

  • View, Edit and apply redactions and annotations to video and audio files. 

  • Apply permissions to different 'layers' of annotations, markups and redactions.

lockitup Produce

Easy exports and disclosure packages.
  • Export documents in any industry standard load file format (Relativity, Concordance, Ringtail, Summation, Excel, CSV, DOJ, SEC, CSV etc.)

  • Full audit trail makes it easy to see produced versions and history for each document.

  • Flexible Bates numbering including the ability to assign new production numbers.

  • Create TIFF or PDF images in advance or on the fly.

  • Customize placeholders and slip-sheets for any file type.

  • Apply permanent redactions and remove underlying text at production time.

  • Concurrent, distributed processing for large productions and tight deadlines.

handmealetter Present

Prepare for trial, and present documents in court.
  • Automatically update exhibit list during trial

  • Create, merge, and split exhibit list during trial.

  • Create custom fields to manage exhibits before and during trial. 

  • Build chronologies and link documents to events.

  • Automatic hyperlinks to document references in transcript, submissions and affidavits. 

Software as a Service

EDT is an enterprise-level SaaS solution that gives clients complete control in their own dedicated, single tenancy site, in their choice of Amazon Web Services cloud locations, globally. 

Control and Security

Deployments are dedicated, not multi-tenanted, so client data cannot become co-mingled, delivering both security, and control.

Turnkey Solution

EDT is delivered via Amazon Web Services cloud infrastructure and is charged as a simple, monthly, pay-as-you-go fee.

EDT delivers full control for clients who want an entirely self-service model. Including the flexibility to do their own user and permission management, processing, culling, review batching, and productions.

Data Residency & Protection

EDT can be deployed in over 40 countries, so clients can choose the data residency location that will best serve their requirements. Robust technical, architectural, and legal mechanisms are used to protect data and mitigate the risks of cross-border transfers or foreign data requests.

Elastic Infrastructure

There is no software or hardware to buy, support, or maintain and clients benefit from elastic infrastructure that expands and contracts storage and processing resources to suit fluctuating usage demands.

Monitoring is tuned to adjust infrastructure to user activity trends and to anticipate future needs. This ensures reliability, redundancy, and optimal performance.  


EDT's team of solution architects and certified AWS experts maintain the environment for clients, so they avoid the hassle of running back-end infrastructure. That mitigates their risk, ensures 24*7 availability and frees clients up to focus on their core business. 



  • No capital outlay

    No need to purchase hardware, infrastructure, or software licenses.

  • Self sufficiency

    Clients can administer their entire environment including processing, batching, productions, and users.

  • Flexible deployment

    Architected to suit client needs and deployed in any AWS location globally. 

  • Pay-as-you-go

    Pricing that is both predictable and transparent.

  • 24-7 support

    Via our international service desks.

  • Industry recognised security

    Certifications and a commitment to continual enhancement and monitoring.

  • Elastic infrastructure

    Scales up or down easily to cater for fluctuations in usage.

  • Dedicated Single Tenancy

    Each deployment is a single tenancy so there is no risk of co-mingled data. 

  • Expertise on hand

    Workflow and best practice advice and guidance from EDT's team of industry experts.