Announcing our latest release – Version 7.0!

It has been an exciting month due to the release of our latest offering - Version 7.0.  Many clients have already upgraded to take advantage of the new features and we've had great feedback!  If you haven't already moved to this new version contact our support team to arrange your free upgrade!

Some of the new feature highlights include:

  • Automated Review Workflow, using Review Pools: To better facilitate large scale reviews in EDT, Administrators and Case Managers may now configure an automated Review Workflow using Review Pools.
  • Batch Interface: To facilitate a streamlined, self-serve Batch Review process for large scale reviews using EDT's new Automated Review Workflow we have introduced a new Batch interface. This interface provides a simplified view for paralegals and review attorneys to easily check out Batches of documents, perform their review and check the batches back in again.
  • Report Interface: Administrators and Case Managers are able to keep a track of progress in their Automated Review Workflow using EDT's new Report interface.
  • Language Detection: A new State-Of-The-Art approach has been deployed leveraging a Machine Learning library to detect languages and their prevalence within documents.  This delivers far superior results than traditional methods. 
  • Roles: A new concept of "Roles" has been introduced alongside "Groups" and "Users" to help Administrators and Case Managers define which functionality each User has access to in each EDT Case.

There are also many other enhancements that existing clients will love including the ability to sort documents when assigning Document IDs, ability to access more information on the Case List Dashboard and the ability to set permissions more effectively for custom fields at creation time.  There are also a range of enhancements to Exports, Importer and Loader and some additional security features.

We can’t wait for all our clients to see it!

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