EDT is a Software-as-a-Service solution that includes EDT software functionality in a dedicated cloud environment. It is not 'multi-tenanted' so your data cannot become co-mingled with other client data delivering security and control.

edt.BLUE is a turn-key solution delivered via Amazon Web Services cloud infrastructure and is charged as a simple, monthly pay-as-you-go fee. It delivers full control for clients who want an entirely self-service model including the flexibility to do their own processing, culling, reviewing batching, user management, and productions.

It can be deployed in over 40 countries so clients can choose the data residency location that will best protect their private information while mitigating the risk of potentially contentious cross-border transfers.

In addition to these data location protections, architecture, encryption and corporate structure arrangements provide clients with further protection from potential exposure to foreign data requests. There's no software or hardware to buy, support or maintain and you can benefit from elastic infrastructure that expands and contracts storage and processing resources to suit fluctuating usage demands.

EDT's team of certified AWS experts maintain the environment for you, enabling you to avoid the hassle of running back-end infrastructure. That frees you up to focus on your core business - managing litigation and investigations.